Welcome Members

Welcome to the Laybacks, thank you for choosing our quality Club, I trust you enjoy the friendship and the rewards that our club can offer you. We aspire to deliver good standards, discipline and put high expectations on ourselves, and realize the responsibilities that come with being a Layback member.  Continue reading Welcome Members

Youngies Yarn for August

Youngies Yarn for August

Another great point score, good surf and sunshine, very pleasing to see the club effort setting up and packing up, and good to see the numbers that stayed back at the end of the day. We had to make a mercy dash for a second case of beer, so that’s a good sign.

Moving on, next Club Championship we will be having A, B, and C grades, and Ladies only. The reason why the Club Championships started was to give those members that don’t win anything a chance to be a winner. If we take out the over 60’s we can have a situation where there are 3 equal Divisions of A B and C grade, and everyone gets a chance to surf at least twice as we can have repecharge heats. Also the day can finish an hour earlier.

So rather than everyone nominating what grade they think they are, we are just going to divide the competitors up into 3rds on the day. Also we will be having a 5 wave maximum per competitor in each heat.

At the end the of the day, lets share a drink at Towradgi Bowlo to celebrate, and support our sponsor.

So see you in water, and lay back and enjoy every wave! (or think of England..)


Wollongong NSW Australia