Mens Health Arvo / Night Saturday 19th of June

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Mens Health Day/Night – 19th June

OK this is going to be a good one and if you don’t normally make layback activities, I’d really encourage you to come along to this. Its going to be a great afternoon/evening of catching up, eating and having a simple talk about mens health and support groups, strategies. The focus will be on mens health and how we can look after ourselves and each other. We’ll have the pizza oven fired up and will be making pizzas all night.

The Plan
AM – 7am sunrise walk

Meet at Bellambi carpark 6.45 and we are going to walk from Bellambi to Woonona and back. Bring a coffee if you want. The idea for this is to just highlight a simple fitness activity to do. It’s a great walk also. Go home and enjoy the rest of the day. Meet back at Corza’s later.

PM – Spoon carving 3pm

For something different, there will be the chance for members to try their hand at carving a spoon from fresh timber. We’ll have some green Camphor laurel to make a sauce poon. This is a relaxing and creative activity that I’m pretty sure members will enjoy. There are a couple of members who have experience at this and will be able to offer advice to others. The club has purchased 10 sets of knives, so if you are interested, come along and give it ago. A couple of people in the club do spoon carving, and can help you. The idea around this activity, is to exercise the mind through creativity and physical activity. Conversation often comes easily when doing something, where the focus given to a task, such as the spoon and people are relaxed.

Evening – 5pm, Pizzas and guest speakers.

The main part of the evening, come along have a pizza, do some trivia, have a chat and listen to some guest speakers. Again, everything is going to be stress free, so come along and have an enjoyable night and maybe learn something .

RSVP to Kristian 0432595813 if you plan on coming, to allow us to organise catering.
What to bring; Your welcome to bring some beer/wine, but understand it’s not going to be a piss up. There will be no kegs at this one.
Address is; 2 Collins Ave, Woonona.