Welcome Members

Welcome to the Laybacks, thank you for choosing our quality Club, I trust you enjoy the friendship and the rewards that our club can offer you. We aspire to deliver good standards, discipline and put high expectations on ourselves, and realize the responsibilities that come with being a Layback member. 

•Our point scores start with set up at 6.15, and sign-on at 6.30am. By 6.45 am we hope to have the first heat of Old Mals in the water. By 7.00 am we hope to have the complete first round drawn up.

•If you cannot be there on time it’s your obligation to ring beforehand, preferably the day before, no late starters will be accepted.

•Its expected you judge when it’s your turn (the heat 2 before your heat)

•It’s not acceptable to be free surfing, or surfing in the competition area under any circumstances

•Offenders will lose the days points, and that point score will be counted( as a zero score) in the final end of year tally

•No snaking, continually paddling inside, or hassling will be acceptable

•We expect waves to be shared, gentlemen & ladies rules apply.

•Have a great attitude, show respect and appreciation for others efforts and input.

We look forward to enjoying surfing with you, and more importantly your valued friendship and commitment to the Layback Longboarders Club.

Kind regards,

The President and Committee.

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