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Ian Hockey Passes Away

G’day guys and gal’s,

Some sad news of late, that an absolute south coast legend and great bloke, Ian Hockey, recently passed away from a battle with cancer. He was a great surfer, rode a bottle design better than anybody and loved the place he found for himself to relax overseas in these recent years. The food he served at his Mexican café was bloody unreal and it always came served with a hundred and one stories about the history that was hanging on the walls of that place.

Anyways, there is a PADDLE OUT for Ian, 19th October, down at Tuross. Nik Nightingale passed this info on to me in case any of you that knew Ian would like to go along.

I know you are hooking into some great waves wherever you are mate, enjoying a pipe and relaxing til the next swell kicks. R.I.P.