New Pointscore Division

Hey Layback’s for the past few point scores we have had a few problems with 7 person heats…its been a nightmare. So we have come up with an idea to fix this. As of next point score there will be an OVER 55’s division.

This means you have the choice between surfing in the opens or surfing in the over 55’s, you can not surf in both. You must tell who ever is doing the draw on the day which division you would like to surf in. This will free up the opens so we only have 6 person heats.

So for instance, we could have 5 opens heats and 2 over 55’s heats, depending on numbers.Remember, this will start from next point score, so please be there early so you don’t miss out on a spot. Numbers will be limited so if you can’t be there early please ring someone on the committee before 6.45 am.

Any members who are not there by 6:45 am or have not notified the committee they will be late, will not be allowed to compete for that pointscore

Cheers Dale

Wollongong NSW Australia