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Winter Classic Wrap by President McCombie

Hi all

The winter classic was set in some trying conditions this year with some good conditions one heat, the next heat not so good, and even half way through heats the conditions turning bad. However all in all it was another great Winter Classic event.

Congratulations to all place getters, including of course the first place getters. Everyone surfed well and in all of the divisions there were no easy heats. 

Three stand outs for the day, in my eyes, were: Jayce Pioli winning the open logs, Lara Murphy being the only female in the comp and just missing out on winning the opens, and Bill Morris at the young age of early 60’s making two finals. Well done to these three, and specifically Bill who has been a big influence on my surfing (and I’m sure on many others as well).

I have a lot of people to thank for making the day possible and helping to run the day smoothly. My apologies if I forget anyone. Thanks go to the sponsors: Carabine Longboards, Surfpit, Mars Brewing Supplies, Young Henrys, Wollongong Music, Dave Milnes, Delano Specialty Coffee, The Battery Bloke, Bellambi Pub and Liquor Land Corrimal. Thanks go to members and non-members who helped to set up; to Mark, Peter, Tom, Greg, Baz, Andrew and Deb in the food and coffee tent; to Ian, Aidan and Lara for sign ons; to the two Steve’s for tallying; to Hendo for judging all day; to George on the mike; to Lachy for all the hard work on the Carabine give away; to Scott and Corey for keeping my head in it’s place; and a big thanks to Sian and Napper for the after party. The night was a great event to relax and enjoy the camaraderie, and to have the north and south surfers share in shaping a board that is going to be a sight when finished (I’m sure the south side of it will look best!).

One last thanks goes to my wife Kellie for putting up with my stressing through to the lead up.

Hope to see you all next year


McCombie McCombie!