November Pointscore Wrap by the President

Greetings Laybacks,

Our last counting point score for the year was a cracking day at Easty’s with rights and lefts and a few sizey ones coming through. Thanks to all who helped out to get the gear across the scary sand and to all who stayed, judged and tallied all day; it was a great team effort. Thanks Mark P for the cooking, Mark H for his Amber and Garry for his pancakes.

The presso tickets are now on sale and can be purchased from Lara and Aidan, or pay online but let Ian know who you are. On Presso day bring along some gold coins and take part in the coin toss to win a bottle of Bourbon. There will also be some lucky door prizes.

For our December fun day this year it will run with the normal point score format, but the twist is that you can’t ride your normal board! Each surfer will be picked out of a hat and matched with a board also picked out of a hat, which should make for an interesting fun day. There will be beer and prawns at the end of the day as well as a visit from Santa.

The AGM will also be held on the December fun day so if you’d like add anything to the agenda, please do so on the day.

Once again I’d like to thank the Committee for all the work they’ve put in this year; cheers guys and girls.

Tip for the month: don’t be rude in the street!


McCombie McCombie

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